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Together with our clients we work on a safe and adequate pension  

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  • Interview with Ray Dalio

    You should't believe yourself

    He had to fail hard in order to become one of the world’s most successful investors. Ray Dalio transformed that lesson in humility into principles for taking the best possible decisions. Ray in conversation with Theo Kocken.

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    A human perspective on pensions

    With content about human behaviour and risk-taking. To inspire you to change how you make decisions. To guarantee that all your members can enjoy a comfortable retirement. With international knowledge leaders from within and outside Cardano.


    Discover who we are

    We’re working towards a more just society by creating a robust pension system that inspires trust, generates peace of mind, and enables everyone to have a pension that guarantees a comfortable retirement. That’s our mission, that’s what we stand for.


    Behaviour drives our risk management philosophy

    Human behaviour determines the complexity of how financial markets develop and it poses the greatest risk when making important investment decisions. This philosophy is central to how we manage market risk for you.